“Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth”

by The Fact Checker Staff of “The Washington Post” (Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly”)

This informative book, published by Scribner, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. this year, includes ten chapters, plus a Conclusion entitled: “Toward a Resurgence of Truth”, by Glenn Kessler

Each chapter contains a series of direct quotes from Donald Trump, which include the dates on which he made these prevarications. Each false tale is followed by an analysis and clarification of the facts, so you can understand both what Trump claims, and what is actually the truth of the situation he is lying about.

The Introduction to this revealing story, entitled “16,000 Falsehoods”, includes an instructive bar graph, entitled “A Rising Tide: Trump’s False or Misleading Claims, and the Contents include:

Introduction: 16,000 Falsehoods — A Rising Tide: Trump’s False or Misleading Claims

  1. “The Biggest Whoppers: Mexico’s Paying” with an apocraphical piece, which outlines the President’s activities and interviews hour by hour — a 2-page revelation that certainly speaks for itself. “One Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” — his own observations.
  2. Trump on Trump: “I call it ‘Truthful Hyperbole” “Trump’s Attacks on Democratic Cities: ‘Rat-infested Mess’
  3. Trump and His Enemies: “I Call Them Animals” — “I’m Pretty Good at Estimating Crowd Sizes”
  4. Boasts to the Base: “You’re the Super-Elite” — “Sharpiegate”
  5. The Twitter Presidency:: “He needs to Tweet Like We Need to Eat” — Trump Tilting at Windmills
  6. Trump on Immigration: “They’re Bringing Crime” — It’s All Good: Trump’s Flips and Border Arrests
  7. Trump on Economics and Trade: “The Best Economy Ever” — Not Quite So Dire: Trump’s Trade Deficit Claims; and “The Strange Case of the Phantom Factory Openings”
  8. Trump on Foreign Policy: “We Fell in Love” — Trump’s Crystal Ball: ‘I predicted Osama bin Laden’
  9. Trump on Impeachment: ‘A Perfect Call”
  10. Trump and Coronavirus: ‘Their New Hoax”

And a Conclusion: Toward a Resurgence of Truth — “They’re Pinocchio”

This is an easy read, if you don’t feel overcome by the fabulous and unbelievable, or become paranoid and depressed. As I’m an intellectual reader, I usually highlight segments that I want to review twice, etc, but I did not vandalize this book. I want to pass it along to my daughter or a friend — or put it in our community library where I live.

I found it very informative, quite thought-provoking, and disturbing at times.

I could say a good deal more about this wonderfully researched and revealing text, but I believe you would find my assessments inadequate after you read it. This is Donald Trump, in his own words!

A revelation or a condemnation…depending on your personal stance. But well-worth the time invested.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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