A Democrat Responds to Republican Accusations of Foolish Behaviors

The Republican Party has become so corrupt, it’s laughable that they are running a totally asinine smear campaign against the Democratic Party.

Frankly, they need to get with the program, and the Program is that the United States political system is set up with TWO Parties for a very good reason. A One Party Political System easily becomes an Authoritarian Regime — which is led by an Authoritarian Despot — or in common parlance a DICTATOR. Two Parties (or more) are needed to Speak Truth to Power.

If we do not defend our Constitutional Rights and resist Authoritarian dictates, policies and Control — WE WILL ALL LOSE OUR CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED FREEDOMS — particularly the Freedom of Speech, and that is the means by which we can Speak Truth to Power! We will lose our Right to Vote for the leaders of our choice! Instead, our leader will assume control without our permission, and he will hold it by executing (murdering) those of us who resist his control and have the “unmitigated audacity” to speak Truth to Power.

Wake up! If you are suffering from Blind Devotion to our Authoritarian President, if we are worshiping our president, we will be subjected to the despotism that he generates with every word out of his lying mouth. He will promise us Bread and Circuses (as the Roman Emperors did), and then he will enslave us (as they also did).

Power Corrupts! Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely! the best means we have to resist Absolute Power is to Confront It, Speak out against it, and Question Authority openly and in great numbers.

We are not “required” to choose the Democratic Party as our party of choice, and we don’t have to be Democrats to Question Authority — or to speak out, or to Vote for a candidate of our choice who is NOT a Narcissistic Wannabe dictator, or an Authoritarian. We can choose to be any flavor of American citizen — but of course, if we want to Vote an Authoritarian leader out of the Office of the Presidency, then we have to declare our allegiance to the Democratic Party, or the Independent Party.

Of course, to exercise your constitutionally mandated Freedom to Choose the leaders of your choice, you have to be informed about all the issues at stake, and you need to avoid buying into inflammatory propaganda, such as the derogatory commentary presently be spouted by our corrupt Republican Party machine.

To make an informed choice for who you want to represent us as our next President, and our next Congressmen, and Party leaders, we have to research the issues that are of concern to us all, and we have to research the people we are considering voting into office.

Most important of all, we have to stop playing these little authoritarian games and refrain from buying into smears and lies about the opposition party. That is NOT the American Way! That is the way dictators control their regimes in the Banana Republics, and in Russia, and in China. Wake up! Your country and your freedom are at stake!

Of course, to exercise your Constitutionally mandated Freedom to Choose the leaders of your choice, you have to be informed and Know Your Rights!

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