Actually, Mr. LeBauer, your assessment of our President is not quite fair or true. My original remark sounded like criticism, but in fact I voted for Joe Biden, and I did so thankfully. Joe Bide is NOT a Narcissist, and NOT a wannabe Dictator -- both of which apply to Donald Trump!

Joe Biden is a man of integrity and good will -- and he has compassion -- something Donald Trump never had, and knows absolutely NOTHING about!

Joe Biden will prove to be an excellent leader and a man with good principles. He needs a bit of time to settle into his role as our president -- and THAT is all I was really trying to say!

We have a great many ill-informed and poorly educated Americans who call themselves Republicans. The Republican Party is Corrupt beyond measure and needs to be retired from our politics.

We need a NEW conservative party that demonstrates it's commitment to our people and our Constitution -- we need a New Conservative Party that is NOT CORRUPT, NOT WORN DOWN TO DREGS, AND NOT COMMITTED SOLELY TO THE ENRICHMENT OF THE TOP Five Percent of our economic polity.

I am hopeful that President Joe Biden can, and WILL deal with them effectively, and prove to us all that he knows how to govern our nation in these times WITHOUT DRAINING OUR TREASURY DRY AND WITHOUT DESTROYING OUR SOCIAL SERVICES --

Donald Trump attempted to do both!

Joe Biden can and will do a more effective job as our President, so that ALL of US can survive and so that Our Nation Can be restored in the eyes of the United Nations of this world. Donald Trump worked to DESTROY our nation -- and he almost succeeded!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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