Ah, Mr. Schelling, the voice of the traditional conservative -- worried that any effort to hold the Corporate sector accountable for their tax burden will cause them to retaliate by laying off their workers, and they won't spend more of their $$$ Millions on expansions or services.

You are overlooking the obvious, Mr. Schelling -- the corporations are already doing all these things--16 million workers already out of a job now! Our government's failure to take aggressive actions to tamp down the Corona Virus--to clean up its mess and make America a healthy place to work again--is destroying our economy and our work forces.

You think our corporations have not laid off people in 50 years? That we have had the lowest level of unemployment until now?

All I have seen in the news are the lamentations of the people and the lost jobs... While the black and latino families are suffering from this job crisis right now, our white folks are also suffering from it.

Donald Trump's solutions to solve our economic crisis and our Covid-19 pandemic have been ineffective, and in the case of the pandemic, non-existence. Our peoples are dying by the 1000s everyday.

I suggest you read the rest of the news you've been missing -- the parts where the numbers are rising daily, and the unemployment crisis is deepening without remission.

It is past time for a Changing of the Guard, Mr. Schelling - and for fresh eyes and a fresh mind to look at the problems Donald Trump is not able to see clearly.

With a new executive team in the White House to assist him to see the problems with free eyes, I think President Joe Biden will, after all, be able to have some positive effect in dealing with our nation's Coronavirus Epidemic, and our economic recession, which is building inexorably.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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