All of this mutual contemplation and discussion about the threat of militant social influence by the Chinese through their social tool (Tik-Tok) is enlightening, but it is also disturbing. We all need to be aware of the social influences on both sides of the ideological borders that we are facing here.

Donald Trump is an authoritarian -- in an earlier time (say, during the period of the Second World War, and the threat posed by Hitler and Mussolini in Germany and Italy) he would have borrowed heavily from Hitler's strategies for influencing the minds and actions of Americans. But he does a pretty good job of that even now.

Authoritarian/fascist ideology is based upon the concept of "Controling the Masses" -- and it may have several objectives, but ultimately, I think the main objectives are:

* To produce more personal wealth through the acquisition of property and control of the means of production - for the authoritarian who is leading the "charge".

* To reduce and eliminate competition for these resources, and to grab possession of the physical means of production - the Land, the Water, the physical resources they produce, and the people who must make a living using them.

* To fill the air waves, or the TV "waves" or the "radio waves" with the hate-filled diatribes--the propaganda--that results in an increase in the hate-filled responses of the people that can rise to destroy the existing systems of ownership and management of all the physical resources - and to funnel their productivity through civil unrest and destruction to the authoritarian/fascist leader's personal bank or stronghold.

It's STILL All About the Money - who controls the money, who has the lands, and who has the power to give the orders. Here in the 21st Century, we're still all fighting over the same stuff we were fighting over when we were wielding clubs and swords.

However, we cannot allow this fascist authoritarian in our White House to succeed in tearing down our democracy by using loud, bombastic diatribes in our public forums. Nor can we allow him to unleash his Public Relations Gurus on us to woo and wheedle, and to Impune and Imply with vicious rumors or honeyed words that WE are the ones at fault for making our nation's social fabric fray and rip apart at the seams.

Our American form of government - our Liberty for All - is in great peril. And Donald Trump is the Leader who is at the center of this peril.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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