The birth, the rise, and the decline of the Commercialization of our Democracy — a call for our nation’s much needed re-engineering of the economy, and a Constitutional Convention to rewrite the Constitution to spur us on to a new post-Commercial political rebirth.

As I sit here in my little retirement community looking out the window at the clouds massed overhead, and the snow flurry that we’re having here in Washington state today, I’m thinking about the interesting way our president has attempted to recover from the huge gaff he made a few days ago. We are experiencing the first true pandemic this century, I believe, and we are a nation waiting with baited breath for the outcome of this event. The corona virus has been marching across our America from sea to shining sea, and it is appearing everywhere on the planet. I have looked at the virus update map on the CNN news, and everywhere there are red circles — big ones, little ones — peppering every continent.

Washington State here is an epicenter of the epidemic. The world has had a goodly number of fatalities already (5,416 deaths so far according to the latest “Worldometer” statistics)(2,269 cases in the USA as of today, 572 of them new, 48 deaths so far, 7 of them as of today). Sadly, those who are most vulnerable are, in fact, people my age…folks who are over the age of 60.

Because I have always thought “outside the box” about things like this, I’ve got an odd little hunch about this virus, and this pandemic. Our world is not doing well. The global environment is under great stress because of the atmosphere overheating (the result of people in every advanced country trying to maximize profits and become like “rich Americans” because they’ve seen our example — factories springing up everywhere, opportunists cutting down the trees in the world’s oldest forests and starting fires… (Australia set on fire because of the overheated climate and their own form of commercial devastation.)

I suspect that Mother Earth has finally reached the “outside of Enough”… where human beings are concerned. I suspect the corona virus is her well designed solution to “The Problem of Man”… Nothing succeeds like a wildfire in a forest, and a flood in the plains… or like an earthquake in the ocean just offshore near a major city. Or like the sky catching on fire and then sending a finger of flame down to the ground in a volatile, dried out grassland prairie where the buffalo, the deer, the elk, and a few million other species of Mother Earth’s children roam.

I suspect that Mother Earth has come to a decision — and that decision is not in favor of continuing the experiment of raising the ape species up to the level of super-intelligent, experimenting technologists who have long ago lost their respect for their Great Mother, and who care nothing for the other species who share this world with them.

It’s interesting that our arrogant, and somewhat ignorant, self-absorbed president (and those who he has chosen to support him) cannot see the forest for the burning plains in this. A few days ago, he made the asinine assertion that the Corona Virus was just an ordinary cold virus that would run its course in a few weeks and fade away in a month or two. And of course, he has made the assertion at another time, since he assumed control of the helm here, that “Climate Change” is just a “hoax”. If HE doesn’t believe it exists, then it doesn’t matter because it’s not real, right?

Oh yes, that’s a favorite term Donald Trump uses. Every scientific fact that does not concur with his delusional mental fantasies, every piece of news that contradicts his lies and his braggadocio at the podium is “Fake News”. The forest fires in California have burned down most of that state’s beautiful forests. The fires starting up in many other places in our world are increasing the overheating of our atmosphere and threatening the life of all our animal species — but that’s all meaningless to the tyrannical bigot with his oversized ego, (and his small attention span) who can’t read because he didn’t take an interest in reading when he was in school. He stands before us and points his finger at our news reporters, proclaiming they are publishing fake news. But it is he who is shouting fake news before us daily, every time he makes a public appearance.

I cannot help but think that we are all standing in the face of something much bigger than us — the living spectre of our Great Earth Mother — who has finally lost her patience, and her affection for us pitiable humans. In the last 200 years we’ve conquered our Native American residents, and our world, and we’ve given precious little love or respect to our world’s environments and it’s life forms.

I was raised a Catholic as a child, but in my youth, I managed to get a formal education, and so I explored a few other religions. I questioned the religious writings that we’ve all been following — the holy books that were written centuries ago in Palestine, the Savior that some of us are beginning to doubt is ever coming back…if he ever existed. I have not given up my faith entirely, but I have learned that the mythical prophecy of the Armageddon is present in Hinduism, Islam and Native American religious beliefs, as well as in Catholicism and Protestant beliefs. Perhaps our foolhardy decision as a nation to put an arrogant clown on the throne of our commercial empire is more than simply the karmic reward for our hubris and our folly.

I suspect there’s a reckoning coming, and we are not prepared for it. We have brought this upon ourselves. If we hope to survive our own folly, then we had best get about the business of dealing with it. We should start by removing the narcissistic tyrant in the White House, and his “sergeant-in-arms” (Mitch McConnell) from his Senate perch, before we take down the engines of destruction that we’ve made across America. We have less than a decade to save the nation, and the world (if we can convince the leaders among our friends in Europe — if there are any left at this point).

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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