Another snear and smear diatribe against the United States from Umair! How creative! How articulate! How angry, hateful and insulting!

Umair, I’m tired of seeing your hate-filled diatribes about my Country in the Medium Forum. I suspect you live in some foreign country where the elites live in castles, (that would be the top Five Percent who wear the crowns and the gold lame robes), and all the rest of your country’s peoples live in little wooden shacks and hovels, while their children starve, and they can’t get medical care or medications because they don’t have the coin-of-your-realm, nor do they have the social class which allows them to seek that kind of service. They’re “untouchables” (or close to it).

Stop insulting America, Umair! You are no literary giant, regardless of how many pieces you post on the Medium Forums. We don’t need anymore commentary from the likes of you. America must rise to the challenge of the despot we now have in our White House — and in November, we will. We don’t need to be battered and insulted all the way to the voting booths.

Didn’t your father (I doubt your mother would have dared to say anything) teach you that is it unkind, and worse, socially unacceptable to throw insults at people out in the street — or in the newspaper? It’s mean, it’s insulting, and it’s unfair. Would you like it if I threw insults at you and your country everyday? Oh, I forget, I’m a woman, so I have no say, and no status, and no value, according to you, yes? I disagree, immensely!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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