As a lifetime member of the Progressive Party (you know... the party we used to call the Democrats)... I can't help but feel seriously disturbed by what you have revealed about our narcissistic prior president. He is, without a doubt, deeply mentally disturbed, having dived head-first into his narcissistic paranoia. Our world history is full of crazy fascist dictators who saw themselves as "super-men" ... they fulfilled their fantasies by making war on surrounding nations, destroying lives and property, while they bragged from the top of a stage or in the public news media about how they were going to "conquer the world".

Donald Trump is dangerous... really dangerous. Men who are crazy with self-love can turn into homicidal maniacs.

He has captured the loyalty of a crowd of Americans who prefer having a racist, fascist in the driver seat, even though he is not officially recognized as our leader. He doesn't care about our national welfare, our international standing in the world or the laws embodied in our Constitution.

When Trump instigated the invasion of Congress that led to the murder of one of the guards, and in which he threatened the life of Mike Pence, his objective was to overthrow the current administration, and declare himself our leader in perpetuity.

Donald Trump would stand on the pinnacle of the Empire State Building, if he could. He is delusional, and he is trying to overthrow our democratic government, so he can declare himself King of America.

He needs to be forcibly removed and placed in a mental institution. We've impeached this crazy narcissist twice already! Surely that should have been enough. We may have to execute him to remove him from the catbird seat that he's made for himself!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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