Aside from all the accolades and applause we’re getting from the media and the political pundits, the problem of lack of affordable housing and inadequate wages to meet the demands of our utility brokers and our markets is causing a majority of Americans to be chronically depressed and irritable. Trump can brag all he wants about how great the economy is doing, but the truth is visible on the streets where the poor and homeless are erecting their tents. As a retiree living on my Social Security, I cannot afford to live in a single apartment by myself. I’m forced to live in a low-income subsidized retirement community supported by the church here in Longview, Washington. I am very grateful to have an apartment here, as the community house is always booked up, and has a long waiting list. Lack of affordable housing in a nation oppressed by our landowners’ greed is something our government should be regulating. Trump doesn’t care about it because he’s a real estate mogul. That’s not going to win him MY vote.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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