Better words have not been spoken! Thank you, Ben Mallinson, for a clear and cogent analysis of the value that Bernie Sanders brings to the debate on who should be chosen as the Democratic Party’s candidate for the presidency. I’ve been convinced since Bernie decided to run that he’s definitely the right candidate. Bernie Sanders is the right man for the job because he has experience in congressional politics. He is, for heaven’s sake!, a sitting Senator! Furthermore, he has been fighting the good fight for the nomination this year for a long time. He knows what the issues are, he knows what he stands for, and he demonstrates both his intelligence and his fundamental honesty every day. He’s definitely “electable”… and he’s definitely the one candidate that I think can and will stand up to Donald Trump with both confidence and commitment, and who can run rings around Trump’s bombastic, loud-mouthed braggadocio … to say nothing of Trump’s incessant prevarications, and his Disneyland rhetoric.

Yes, Bernie Sanders can beat Donald Trump at the podium. He can use his intelligence, his honesty and his understanding of what America wants and needs to best Trump’s phony fairytale stories about what being a president really means. Everyone knows that the only thing Trump cares about is his personal wealth and his hotel on the northern half of the Irish island state.

America needs an American who lives in America and cares about the people of America and the democracy that is dying in America. That American is Bernie Sanders.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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