Bravo! Bravo! Well said, Lauren Martinchek! I could not agree more! I’ve been wondering what it is about Joe Biden that has bothered me so much since his “resurrection” into the political maelstrom of America’s primary season here. In digging up some of the details, I discovered that Joe Biden is, frankly, a conservative by inclination and historically tracked choices. I’m not a conservative. I’m a Moderate…truly, so I side with the Democratic Party, because I’ve become convinced the Republican Party is corrupted. In just the ways you articulate SO well! It is High Time we clean out the chicken coop in the halls of Congress and remove as many die-hard, self-serving, “The Gov’mint owes me a fortune and total control of the people and the Press Cores” and toss their petty dictator president out with them. The more I listen to the news reporting more of Donald Trump’s lies and his daily shouting and bragging, the more convinced I am that I have to be among We the People who are going to oust him, and his cronies, from the Halls of Justice and the White House. I’ve picked a candidate who is well-deserving of the honor, and the horror, of the Presidency, a man who knows the “business” and also loves “the People”. I’m voting for Bernie Sanders in 2020. I hope everybody else who cares about having a Democracy and a Union of the Free will do the same.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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