By all means, let's indulge in some naysaying and some denigration of Joe Biden, while we still can -- cuz if he's still 10 points ahead of Donald Trump in the popularity polls on November 3rd, then it will be hard to cheer for Trump as he loses by a landslide, huh?

So maybe Joe Biden won't win by a "landslide" -- maybe he might squeak through and win on the breathe of a prayer... the prayers of all of us who are determined NOT to have our self-serving, lying, and totally indifferent tyrant leader stay in office past January 20th.

While I am dismayed that Trump has put his Republican millionaire donor in charge of the Postal Service, so that he can eviscerate their services and stop sending our Ballots to us to complete, so that they can remove the postal system mail boxes in "Democratic Strongholds" and misplace our posted ballots, I am hopeful that the rest of us will launch lawsuits and other remedial tactics to prevent this dreadful man from destroying our democracy by blocking our votes.

America was created as a democratic union, not a East European totalitarian regime. The great majority of us want Joe Biden in the White House in January, and we will do everything possible to make that happen.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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