Capitalism as a political system does not support the needs of ALL the citizens -- it supports only the demands of those who are fortunate enough to land on top in the sorting pile -- those who, by luck, land on the cash pile and rush to grab as much of the nation's wealth as they possibly can. All the rest of us in a capitalism society must fend for ourselves, and we often end up in financial distress, homeless, unemployed, sickly. Capitalism is grounded in the Profit and Loss axioms of an old, early industrial system that does not rest on the political values or the laws that protect the people as a whole. As a result, the whole system decays over time, dishonest and immoral leaders take control of the means of production, and the social services sector, and the society moves toward failure, and then anarchy, and war. We're about there now, and we had a president who lacked moral values (including an incapacity to speak candidly and tell the truth) - so it's time to rebuild our failing social order before it collapses completely.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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