Dear Mr. Stephen Olson,

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful letter, in which you assume you know me and therefore know all my choices and decisions where political leaders are concerned.

However, as you are grossly misinformed about the character and leadership potential of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, I'll just point out that your assessment of Mr. Obama is wildly off-kilter and clearly shows how little (if anything) you know about his leadership style or his capability as our previous president. I happen to know that Mr. Obama is fully educated in Public Law, and is well regarded by many, including myself.

I'm sure your assessment of Joe Biden is equally uninformed, particularly as he has directly related experience as the former Vice President to Barack Obama, and he is equally as well educated.

Your assessment of them, I believe, is characteristically biased because of whatever minimal education you may have to make any kind of assessment about either man. Please refrain from commenting on them to me. I'd feel pressed to raise a complaint of harassment about you.

Furthermore, I might feel it necessary to teach you a larger lesson in public civility and social decorum. We here in America generally try to speak civilly to one another, and not denigrate people in public forums, particularly when we don't know them from Adam's house cat.

Very truly yours,

Bonnie Jacobson

Citizen of these United States

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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