Do you think that the truth of human intolerance of differences in others is hypocritical? Because frankly, it is endemic to all human cultures.

Human beings in civilized tribes don't like 1) non-tribal individuals who wander into the conclave (because we have NO idea what they are capable of doing "to" us).

2) Humans are suspicious of anything or anybody who looks different -- different color, different eyes, different dress, different language or behaviors.

Difference equals unpredictable behavior, possibly hostile tribal customs. Difference can also signify lack of physical health--"stranger danger" is real and can be deadly.

Some strangers "invade" a tribal enclave (family/ church/ town/ city) with covert purposes--with the inimical intention of doing harm (stealing your "stuff", murdering your peoples, damaging your living space. Some strangers are crazy and homicidal.

So humans have inherent prejudices against strangers of any type....that is the root of human prejudice. In a word, it's "fear" personified.

Getting a good solid education helps, somewhat. But it does not mitigate the deeply rooted, endemic, adaptive human response to the threat that an encounter with a stranger represents.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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