Donald Trump always claims that he "doesn't know people" who are clearly claiming that he has offended them or imposed on them in some way, or cheated them in some other way. Claiming that he doesn't know somebody that he clearly DOES know is like pointing at somebody and declaring they don't exist, or that they are a doppelganger that looks like somebody else. He typically tries to "ghost" people out of his personal reality--and he thinks he's powerful enough that he can actually do it, and the rest of us will simply say, "Oh yes, Mr. Trump, we agree that you've never seen this person before!" (But... but... she says you offended her by touching her, sir!") Etc. etc. ad nauseum....

And of course, this is great scandal theatre -- it gives him cover so that, as Caren White says, he can rig the election while we're looking elsewhare, and get his friend in the Post Office to destroy the ballots before they are delivered to the White House!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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