Ever been on a “tour” of somebody’s house where nobody takes care of the place — nobody does the dishes, takes out the trash until it’s overflowing, never makes the beds, or picks up up the dirty clothes on the floor (or the junk toys)? If you do, you’ll probably see there’s a few other things on the floor…sneaky little bugs, or even roaches. Flying bugs too. And a pervasive smell, like something rotten, or filthy laundry.

I think most parents have to deal with their children’s lazy, and filthy habits — some of them become obsessive cleaners. Some become angry and possibly abusive. Some run their house like a prison camp or a gistapo.

Either that, or they set the bad example in the first place, refusing to do the chores that have to be done, living in the midst of the disorganization and the filth. That’s Dante’s “Inferno”. Ugh…

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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