Everything that rises eventually falls. The American Experiment has finally come full circle, and there is no longer any real hope for the average citizen to achieve a stellar rise in personal income by the traditional means of working 40 hours a week. Savings must be generated and then invested scrupulously and with care to increase wealth.

However, our American economic and social system is predicated not on scrupulous savings, but on consumption of commercial goods. Our social communications system serves the commercial interests of the profit maximizing corporate overlords, and the labor class (which is all of us) is indoctrinated nightly in front of our TVs and in our theatres, and in the published marketing literature we read to spend our incomes on whatever we want, spend-spend-spend… with not a thought for saving or investing. Those who can manage to acquire a college education have a chance to improve their financial holdings — if they aren’t bamboozled out of their savings by a “get-rich-quick-scam” (of which are there many). Our American commercialized social system has many access points for commercial scam's that are well developed (those who run the scams have college degrees too).

We are living in a tremendously predatory commercial and social environment. In some respects, it’s not too different from the predatory sea life in our oceans, and the predatory animal and insect life in our jungles.

The Law of the Jungle… eat or be eaten. Humanity is predatory in the extreme. We were fortunate to have a few decades here in America where we had not yet learned all the means that are now at our disposal to pray upon one another, and to maximize the wealth of a few who are fortunate at the expense of all the many unfortunates among us.

But among those of us who are unfortunate…who have not been able to become wealthy here — there are ways and means that even we can survive and prosper to (to a much lesser degree)… in part by pooling our resources among our family relations and making a go of our lives by helping one another. That, I think, is the way of life for the large majority of people (and not just in America, but everywhere.) We just need to take a lesson from people who lived in other parts of the world and have learned how to start a family business that prospers because of the many hands and minds of all the family working for the same goal.

Americans are proud of our ingenuity. We need to apply it with greater vigor in our adversity. The Lord favors those who make the effort and don’t give up. “God helps those who help themselves (and I would add, “and each other”).

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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