Everything which reaches it’s maximum turns into it’s opposite. (One of my favorite sayings.)

What you’ve said here, Umair, makes sense. But the solution to the problem did not present itself in your ruminations. In the old classic tale, “Pilgrim’s Progress” people fall into the “Sloe of Despond” (“despondancy” or “depression”) because of the mistakes they’ve made, and the wrong path down which they have turned. Yep, I would say that we’ve all come to the realization that Capitalism is NOT the perfect solution to all of humanity’s problems… our most significant problem being that we tend to develop ways in which we can become wealthy at the expense of our fellow humans, but worse yet, at the expense of our planet, our Web of Life, all that makes life possible.

We are not just selfish and self-serving, we are also a lazy species. We do what we can to get as much of everything that we can to make ourselves comfortable, then we swelter in boredom and anguish, falling into depression when there’s no more fun to be had. Meanwhile, our seas are filling with plastic and filth, along with the rest of our lands, our rivers are becoming poisonous, then drying up, our houses are falling into sink holes that go down miles in the earth. All of this is human greed, and selfishness. That is the Sloe of Despond.

The answer to all this, Umair, is not facetious religious drivel… “Sowing wild oats all week, and then praying for a crop failure on Sunday” will not save our lifestyles, our homeland, or our world.

What is necessary is a reasoned and thoughtful evaluation of our political processes, and the discarding of our Capitalist production/consumption system, and the birth of a new economic world order based on reasonable acts of conservation and care. This really was thought of back in the Day, when the great religions taught us about Great Rule to “Do under others as you would be done to,” and the rules for honoring life…and the lives of all things. We have one planet on which we can live…our Eden…and no other.

Whether we want to do this or not, it is vitally necessary that we begin, and should have begun when America was young, when the world was young…because Everything that reaches it’s maximum (either it’s height, or it’s Nadir) turns into it’s opposite. The opposite of total consumption and disregard for the life of our planet is Death.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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