Excuse me, but.... "As for Biden...OMG" -- OMG WHAT? I'll make a wild guess here, you don't like Joe Biden. You've bought into all the B.S. -- the Republican smear campaign? Or you are holding a grudge based on something in Joe's past--27 years ago?

There are no perfect peaches in politics, Ms Manero. Perfect peaches get eaten alive real fast. There are no perfect peaches in America today, regardless of our possible religious affiliations, or our social class standings, or our subscription to causes innumerable.

The Human Race is not infallible--we are born with an original sin (or many) -- at the least, we are prone to being dishonest, and self-serving, and arrogant (because we think humans are the pinnacle of creation).

Regardless, whatever your objections to Joe Biden, I can match you, assertion for assertion, with the faults I can list about Donald Trump -- our Wannabe "King of America" -- our authoritarian bigot who hates people of color, women, and gays, -- and who has no use for the preservation of our nation's environmental resources, or our clean water, or our animal populations---and none for our children either.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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