Firstly and foremostly, Joe Biden cannot propose significant structural change in our American system of governance --- at least not on the 99th day of his presidency. He's still a "green horn" by the standards of the controlling Wealthy Economic Class -- the folks who really run the system in this country. Biden can make cogent, useful, carefully phrased suggestions for what he wants to accomplish -- but he probably won't be able to make any significant strategic changes in the systems that the most wealthy "First Families" will allow until he makes an incontrovertible, detailed, effective argument for those changes --- most likely when he's approaching the end of his first term in office, while he's making the pitch for a Second Term.

I think Joe Biden is Smart as a Whip, and he has a compassionate nature, he's well educated, and has directly related past experience as the Vice President of our country - four years as the VP to Barack Obama, who was an excellent president.

Joe Biden is 100 times more potentially effective than Donald Trump ever was. Trump was a college drop-out masquerading as a Rich Guy with a college degree. His father was the "actual rich guy"! Trump bought the degree by getting some smart college kids to take his college test exams for him. Trump was the very essence of "Fake News" -- that's why he liked talking about "fake news" all the time... He WAS fake news!

But Joe Biden is NOT "fake news" -- He's The Real Deal... an effective, educated, intelligent president who has 4 years related experience in the job.... but he needs TIME to ripen in the role, and win the confidence of those who can control what he does. Let us pray!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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