Frankly, Mr. Greiner, I am positively thankful for what is happening in our economy, and also for your excellent analysis of the consequences of Donald Trump’s incompetent leadership methods and his dishonest manipulation of our government’s economic controls. Donald Trump should NEVER have been put at the helm of this nation’s executive branch! He knows little to nothing about economic forces and consequences — because (I’m convinced) he didn’t study those economic indicators in college. I don’t know what he DID study in college, but as I am convinced he is fundamentally incapable of reading (he clearly didn’t like studying when he was in high school), and I’m surmising he paid somebody to take his tests for him, he’s essentially illiterate….so he simply did not get the right kind of education to become a leader of our country.

All of the consequences you so aptly lay bare for our review are the result of that incompetence that he hides by lying and making up excuses to cover up his incompetence as our president.

So therefore, our economy is sliding downhill to the ocean, and he’s shoveling dirt under it trying to shore it up.. but that just helps it slide faster.

We SO NEED TO GET THIS MAN OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE THIS YEAR… we have to vote him out because we couldn’t throw him out. And we NEED to get his corrupt little sycophants in the Senate moved out the door at the same time we’re pushing him out!

Therefore, it is encouraging to see what a train wreck has begun to emerge as Donald Trump frets about which of our two promising Democratic candidates will emerge as the ultimate challenger to confront him in November.

I’m in favor of both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic ticket in November… I think we all just need to decide which one should be first, and which second. Personally I’m favoring Bernie Sanders as the primary contender, and Joe Biden as his Second. Together, they would be formidable, and maybe …. just maybe … that Fool on the Hill would lose his nerve and resign before we have to go up there with a mob carrying pitchforks and machetes to oust him from the White House by force of arms and an angry, shouting crowd.

But that could be fun tho… ya’ think?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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