Frankly, Mr. Kamerman, I am thinking "outside the box" here.... and I am capable of imagining a good many things that you obviously find both repugnant and appalling.

Desperate men are willing to do desperate things. I believe our current president will be approaching the limit of his self-control when this year's election comes to an end, if he feels that he is losing the re-election. He needs to continue his presidency for a good many reasons, and not all of them have noble purposes.

We live in strange times, and our democracy is imperiled. There is no ironclad guarantee that the "Democratic Experiment" will endure into the next administrative term. I am just willing to stare that contingency in the face, whereas you apparently are not.

Have you ever read speculative fiction novels, Mr. Kamerman? They are sometimes referred to as "Science Fiction". Some forms of speculative fiction are regarded as paranormal suspense, and some are labeled as "Horror".

Our American nation is 200 years old. Nothing lasts forever, and we are facing an uncertain future. That we were willing to elect a narcissistic authoritarian as our president in 2016 does not bode well for our continuing future. And thus my visualization of the very worst that such a president might consider throwing before us in this year's election. Bullies and harridans, liars and mafia hitmen. Anything's possible in a world gone mad.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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