Frankly, this story is nauseating. Swooning over the right to be treated like a slave so you can work in the Office of the President is a fool's paradise, and it does nothing to elevate your self-esteem. Furthermore, your loyalty and your efforts are not valued, and when you exit, you won't be missed. Heck, you won't even be remembered. If anything, you will be vilified.

Working for a God-forsaken tyrant who has no respect for anyone, and no understanding of the rights, or the needs, of those who support him is a thankless, miserable, and deplorable waste of your time. What Donald Trump needs is a few well-trained dogs and a small cadre of monkeys who can mimic human behaviors.

I suggest you look for your lost self-esteem, pull it out of the junk pile in Trump's office where he threw it, and take yourself down the hall to the staff psychologist for a talk about what your self-esteem is worth. On the way out, you can sign your resignation paperwork, wish our American Tyrant farewell, and then slam the door on your way out. (If you need a good recommendation for your next job, someone on the staff surely would be willing to write a reference for you.)

Trump's not worth the stress headaches you're getting daily now, and he certainly isn't worth the diminishing life span you are wracking up while you are dealing with him.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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