From what I’ve been reading about the Chinese response to this pandemic, they are, in fact, making a donation of medical supplies to Italy — which, for some strange reason, is not coping well with the virus at all. It’s beating the snot out of the Italian people, and they are dying from it. Here in the USA, at least where I am, some people are sick, but we’ve had only 2 losses in Washington State so far. It’s worrisome, even a bit scary, but it’s manageable, so far — and not terrifying, as it is in Italy (and perhaps other places).

However, I have not seen that our illustrious president has been stepping in to deal with this pandemic crisis in any meaningful way. He seems to be waiting for someone else to take the reins and deal with it. I think when we finally crawl out the other side of this health crisis, we should all take stock of our president’s performance — or his lack of it — and make a decision about his future value to our nation. He does not appear to be capable of performing in his leadership capacity here.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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