Good heavens! An argument between two farmers in full battle gear ... out in a green field, including the First Shot Across the Bow.... the "infamous assertion" by the Antagonist... a farmer who, despite his patriotic and talented efforts to serve as one of America's desperately needed new farmers, has the temerity to assert the truth of his understandings about people of color (even if we don't agree with his truths)... and then followed by the indignant protestations of a woman farmer (a woman of color?). Even the unfortunate punishment visited upon the hapless [racist] farmer for daring to speak up in his own defense (regardless of whether other would regard his defense as worthy or not).

I am amazed on so many fronts, I can hardly speak sensibly... I almost don't know where to start! Ah well... FIRST: OMG Thank you for sharing your story, in part because this is the First Ever In My Adult Life that I have had the privilege to read a story by farmers about our agrarian & pastoral heroes -- our farmers!

Secondly, your dispute grieves me! I hope that you will forgive Joel Salatin, and that he will forgive you--that you both can resolve your dispute and somehow repair the fabric of your associations, whether by a "Ceasefire Resolution" or an agreement to go your separate ways, WITHOUT burning down one another's barns, or destroying your relationships with Mother Earth News, and the community you all share.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the whole issue of Racism within the Agricultural World of Farmers and their community is something I NEVER would have thought a likely occurrence. I had this silly fairytale notion that people who live on farms are all of a homogeneous whole--a longstanding community of families who have been together for generations.

I am, frankly, so tired of all the uproar, all the arguments, the violence, the hateful retributions and the waste of all the times we could be working together to clean up our dying world - AND IT IS A DYING WORLD. Arguments about what we think about one another's color.. when ALL of US must find ways to live and work together to save our world from the calamity of climate change and our rising seas.. is absolutely, painfully, a dreadful waste of our precious time!

We do not have infinite time to fix our dying planet's problems. We all must work hard, here and now, and until we have resolved the problem of our Overheating Earth -- and this little tempest in a teapot here is a waste of that precious time.

But thank you for sharing this story with us.. with me. I am grateful to hear from your community -- in the Medium Forum! I hope you will come back and share other stories with us! (And mend your social fences with Mr. Salatin.)

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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