Good morning, Mr. Haque…. may I ask, is your piece today a form of lamentation, or it is more in the way of a revelation steeped in disdain, with a dab of satisfaction on the side? Are you attempting to scare us to death, or simply tell us deplorable Americans that “I told you so! Now you’re gonna suffah!!!” (err… suffer).

While I think your argument has merit, and we certainly do have an authoritarian tyrant sitting on the “throne” in the Oval Office… one who is supported by a vicious guard dog in Congress (the Senate Leader) who bites anyone who approaches and slams his heavy paws down on any attempts to mitigate the faulty legislation coming out of Mr. Trump’s Senate, does not signify that the fight is over…or that we are already doomed.

There are a great many people in our country who are resisting and putting up a major fight against this. We have a great many people attempting to run for the office of the President in 2020 in our Democratic Party at the moment. Our Democratic Front Runner has been stricken a harsh blow which I suspect was engineered behind the scenes by the Party of the Opposition in the last few days. It appears the use of the Smear Campaign to discredit candidates from office has proved most effective, since the failure of Roy Moore of Alabama to be elected in his bid to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate. So at the moment, we are dealing with the most poisonous weapon of the Republican Party to prevent Mr. Biden from confronting Trump in 2020. However, the end is not yet near, and Mr. Trump cannot expect that he will be able to breathe easy.

Even if Mr. Biden decides to withdraw his bid, there are so many other possible contenders. I believe your determination that America is lost … democracy is in ruins … is premature, Mr. Haque. I think you are a voice of lamentation and disapproval, a proponent of the opposition who is advising us to simply give up and let it all happen.

Your messages of doom and despair in this our most difficult hour do not give me courage or make me feel like continuing the good fight. But I must. We Americans… we all must. And we cannot expect to win and overcome the dark forces in this confrontation, save our democracy and heal our nation’s wounds without a total commitment to the fight — and a recognition of exactly what we are fighting for, and whom we are fighting against.

We cannot allow ourselves to believe or relax our efforts to deal with the corruption in our Senate and our White House, nor allow Donald Trump and his cronies to continue, in perpetuity, as the controllers of our American destiny. The triumph of the Republican Party to change our government into an autocracy run by an authoritarian leader is not yet inevitable. We cannot allow ourselves to give up the fight, thinking our cause is unwinnable.

As it has been said by men who are more sage than I, “It ain’t over til it’s over, Mack!” And believe me, until We the People have our say in the voting booths in November 2020, it most definitely is NOT over!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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