Has is occurred to you that the color of your skin is not the only thing about you that others can take exception to — not the only aspect of your worth that is potentially held in either admiration or contempt.

As an elder person (I’m 72), I hear about age discrimination quite a bit… I see evidence of age discrimination almost everyday on the news channels or in the employment office, or in common daily encounters. People who need a job desperately cannot convince a prospective employer of their competence to perform because of their obvious age (they’re either too old or they’re too young). Aside from age discrimination, which is rampant in this, our country, as well as in other nations (particularly in Europe), there is also racial discrimination…other than the obvious, there is discrimination against people off different ethnicities — Asian, East Indian, Native American, Hispanic…I could go on indefinitely.

There is also discrimination on the basis of disability — against those who cannot walk, or those who cannot hear, or those who cannot see — to name just a few infirmities.

Humanity is guilty of discriminating against one or another individual on a wide range of issues — anything to prevent someone from finding a job, or marrying into one’s family, or joining one’s cultural group.

Perhaps the best thing we can do as a species is to wake up and recognize our faults here — and then work hard to rise above them.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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