Have you given thought to the manor in which Donald Trump expresses himself -- the language he uses, and the slurs/insults he tosses out to denegrate his political rivals and others in the current White House orbit? Does Donald Trump sound to you like an educated, sophisticated, or urbane professional? Does he sound to you like a "leader of men"?

He doesn't sound sophisticated or "urbane" to me. He talks like a dock worker on the quay at a seaport -- or perhaps a foreman in a factory. I think men or women who are accustomed to spending their day in professional and leadership roles -- especially people who are working in the Halls of Congress -- make an effort to refrain from insulting others, finding fault, or making derogatory comments -- at least, out in the open.

Our president engages in flaming rhetoric on a daily basis--he finds fault with whomever he has a current grudge against, and he doesn't mince words when he insults people. This is not the way our Supreme Leader should be talking about his constituents, I think. I remember last year when Hilary Clinton referred to some people as "deplorables" -- she was castigated for that observation. But today our president is insulting people on a casual daily basis, and we all look the other way.

Or may we've all turned a deaf ear on him, and put our cosmic ear muffs on, while we wait for him to Exit - Stage Right in November. Sigh....

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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