Hear.. Hear !! Thank you, Eric... as ever, you have your thinking cap on, and a good cap it is.

Your assessment of the Joe and Kamala's dilemma over the Court being packed with too dang many freakin conservatives, and not a single liberal who might have a much needed ounce of compassion to share, we can all use a little help and good advice from a well-balanced and moderate soul.

The Supreme Court makes the hard decisions about the most thorny moral and social issues that America can present to them. They need to be of "balanced mind" - with both conservative (morally correct) and liberal (compassionate) perspectives to consider thorny issues fairly.

The High Court of the Land can easily become a Tribunal of Retribution and Infamy if it is not balanced by both hardcore punishers of the disloyal and morally corrupt, and also the socially well-tempered and compassionate judge of those who err on the side of justice or fair treatment.

Somebody has to speak up for the Middle Ground. You spoke well. Thank you, Eric...

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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