Here is How Joe Biden and his Team will Win the Election in November…

…and all the Fear Mongering, Name Calling, and Threats will not deter him…

First, let’s consider some simple facts when preparing for the contest that is shaping up to the Fight of Our Lives here.

  1. We all know that our President does NOT want to lose his job in January. He has some very good reasons for that, among which is the possibility that, if he loses in November, he may be sued by the banks he has used repeatedly to shore up his lifestyle, and the lies he has told them (which they are not stupid enough to believe, I might add), if he can’t muster the funds to pay his debts (which could be formidable after the last four years).

But the one thing that Americans have done so well in the past will serve to save us now. We are capable of rising to the challenge and fighting for our lives and our country like nobody else in the world. When the going gets tough, Americans are GOOD at getting going. And I think that’s what Joe Biden is hoping will happen.

It will NOT happen if Donald Trump is still running the show… and you can bet on that with your last dollar.

So do we know what we gotta do now? First, we all gotta VOTE!

Every living person who is old enough to get to the polls, or mail in our ballots — we gotta vote! And God Bless America — cuz we sure need it this November! And we will need the blessing of the Infinite even more in the coming years. Our nation, and our world is in terrible difficulty because of our failure to rise to the challenge — the demand for our commitment to clean up our messes.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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