How to Start a Constitutional Convention

Stairway to Heaven

You may recall I suggested recently that we have a party…more specifically a Constitutional Convention party. Since then, I’ve received a few responses from Medium Forum readers with suggestions and speculations. So I believe there may be some interest in the potential of this endeavor.

Of particular interest to me is the current national election to choose our next Commander-in-Chief. Some of us want to ride with the status quo and keep the one we got in 2016. But a much larger number of us have become disappointed, and in many cases (I suspect, including me) dismayed by our current president. Donald Trump has proven himself to be fundamentally dishonest, but more than that, he lacks the necessary understanding of how our American social systems work. More importantly, he lacks the insight, and the educational acumen, to see the future in a way that allows for him to propose meaningful, useful and helpful solutions to the problems of our modern era.

What are the problems of our modern era? Well, there are many, but the big ones are the environmental crisis we’re experiencing — the polar caps melting, thus releasing toxins into the ocean that hark back to the first ice ages. And then there is the depletion of our soils, which are in such bad shape that we cannot expect to grow our crops and thus to feed our millions without considerable struggle. We haven’t coped with the Coronavirus effectively, despite our efforts…which is mind-boggling considering that other nations in the world have coped with the virus and have put it down, saving their peoples, where ours are still dying by the 1,000s.

Furthermore, we can’t expect the Coronavirus to simply “go away” in a month, or a few months. We are now hearing from our medical and scientific professionals that it may be with us indefinitely, sickening us over time because recovery from the initial infection does not ensure that further damage in our bodies can be dealt with effectively — so we are becoming a weaker and sicklier nation.

We have other issues, including our manufacturing sector increasingly automating our factories, such that our peoples cannot count on having employment for the long term. Our excessive focus on the profitability of our manufacturing and industrial sector, our service industries, and our entertainment industries, over and above the needs of our people as a whole, and also our continuing dependence on the production of our oil and gas industries — as opposed to solar, wind, or other means to achieving energy independence will eventually eliminate our ability to remain productive and profitable as a nation — as well as continuing to pollute our air, our rivers, and our lands.

Therefore, I still believe that what we need is a revisitation of our Constitution, and a rewrite that will deal more effectively with these 21st Century issues — issues that are a conundrum in a political system that is rife with contentions, and political shenanigans that refute and deny any real progress toward a more sensible and equitable system of checks and balances, and a mandate for how we are to deal with our pollution, our control by the wealthy elite, and our overbearing industrial and commercial industries, who have too much power and call too many of the shots that guide our economy and our social lifestyles.

We need a constitutional convention, and we need to write a new Constitution that can serve to prevent those who have total control over our destiny by virtue of their financial resources from dictating the demise of our nation because of their greed, and their total disregard for the welfare of our peoples, and the survival of our natural resources.

So how do we get to there from here?

The only means at my own disposal is to write — I can write letters to Congress, I can write letters to my representatives in my state. And I can write appeals to our common sense in the Medium Forums. So I am starting with the Medium Forum where, hopefully, more than just a few Americans will see what I am asking should be done.

Some of us probably have considerably more potential “clout” than my little letters would have — some of us probably have contacts in “high places” that we can talk with. Some of us may even have the means to make phone calls.

But any such change in the way we do things that results in a new Constitution will require the cooperation of our elected representatives, and it may require the initiation of legislation at the level of our Congress just to establish the commitment to begin the process.

So, if a flurry of letters to Congress can begin the process, then I am suggesting, nay… appealing… that we begin. Our nation is not infallible, nor is it immortal. All nations have both a birth and a sunset. I would hate to see this time be the sunset of our American democracy. To fix this, we must have an updated constitution that is in step with times in which we live — and that will put some teeth and some muscle into the containment and control of our nation’s profiteering commercial interests, some shoulder and some brains into the development of systems, methods and means by which we can create a new American nation that is based upon the principles of a Constitution that we respect, and adhere to, that treats all people equally.

And more important, we need a new Constitution that adheres to the belief that our maintenance of our ecological balance and our restoration and control of our natural resources, our protection of our animal species, and our air is more important to us all — and not just We who are Americans, but all of us who live on our one and only planet that can support life in our solar system.

Finally, we must recognize and deal with the fact that we have become over-committed to the belief that as an economic entity, we are beholden to the idea that Profit is King, that what is important is how much profit, versus possible loss, our economy has generated for those who were fortunate or smart enough to become part of the top Five Percent — our elites. Profit is not the most important element of our economy! The wealth of our nation resides in our peoples, our culture, and our Natural Resources!

We have, right now, a Republican president who is primarily obsessed with the Stock Market (it’s almost all that he talks about) and his personal success as a wealthy real estate magnate. He lacks the breadth of a well-earned education to see all the other elements of our society and our economy that are part of our success as a nation. His effectiveness as our leader has been far less than we expected of him, because his focus is too narrow, focused only on stock market results, and his personal wealth. Donald Trump’s goals in winning the presidency were, and are, tied to his personal wealth and his social standing, having attained the American equivalent of a Royal Title.

These are not admirable goals or worthy accomplishments that our president has garnered for himself. He is more like an ancient idol with clay feet. This nation was not built on the profits of a few billionaires and millionaires.

This nation was built on the backs of thousands of working peoples, a rainbow of ethnic potentials from all over the world, many of whom have given their lives to create the nation we have today. We need to remember that, and I maintain that we should rewrite our Constitution for this 21st Century, to protect the heritage of our peoples, and the wealth of our nation state…the lands, the rivers, the forests, and the wildlife that is the ground of our American nation.

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