Human beings are flexible beings - but the human soul is both ineffable and indomitable. Your son made a genetic choice regarding his appearance and his heritage that favors his chances for better treatment in this, our race conscious and deeply prejudiced country. We all love to think that color is destiny -- it is not. Educational achievements affect destiny--particularly because a good education teaches people to become more effective citizens and better parents, less bigoted, and more altruistic, less hopeless and more courageous. Most of us are losing our religion, but just because we are giving up our belief in a great Holy Spirit, and a God Who Cares, does not affect that our God is a deity who does care what happens to the sentient life on our world, and the non-sentient life of the planet as well.

In order for our world to survive, we must take increasingly determined positive action to save it--no other world (among the myriad many in our universe) hold life like our world does---at least as far as we have been able to see so far. We must reduce our filthy habits and our depredation of our world, and we have to start where we are--and where this American Nation is. And that will require a great effort to right ourselves--which requires that we rise above our incessant preoccupation with race and color, and move up to an ironclad commitment to mutual cooperation and immense effort to clean up our environment.

This kind of commitment requires of us Americans that we drop the bickering, the backstabbing and the oppression of our colored peoples (who certainly are NOT minorities anymore), and focus our efforts on linked cooperation at all levels of our social economy to save our world and ourselves. To do that, we must drop our ridiculous fascination with the color of our skins and the social behaviors of our peoples--and focus on the work before us.

Our world demands our attention, and She wants it NOW.... and THAT is the reason She has put forth the Coronavirus to get our attention. If we refuse to rise above our self-absorbed fascination with our economic wealth, our World will keep putting out our conscious lights--our lives--until we do.

Is it not obvious to you all that our World is sending a message--a demand for our attention and our positive, active choice--to deal with our destructive social & economic system so that we can save the life of our planet? Wake up! The color of our skins is only a small part of the color of our world's other species--our animals and our plants, and the color of our World's Waters.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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