Hurrah! Thank you, David MacMillan, for your well articulated explanation of what Nancy Pelosi accomplished, and what Moscow Mitch did not perceive! I am so concerned about what that little Southern Reptard might do when he gets hold of the Impeachment Articles. I certainly don’t want to see him wad them up and throw them out the window. This outcome is far better, and allows for at least the semblance of a genuine trial to give the American people (and the Senate Republicans) a chance to see some of the truth about Donald Trump’s horrendous excuse for leadership.

I would be thrilled to see Trump tried and actually held responsible, and then removed from office. However, I’m almost certain that’s not going to happen. However, at least it will help us all get a breath of fresh air, and give us incentive to press on toward the November election,

There might be hope of actually removing Trump then, and hopefully a nice waddle of his corrupt GOP cronies as well. Maybe if the Democratic Party works smart and hard, we can even manage to remove McConnell from office in November. His term in office is up then along with the president. I’d love to see him lose re-election, and see the shocked look on his dried up little prune face. Maybe he’d even shed a tear or two.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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