I almost have to laugh at this desperate smear campaign against a prominent, and at least by some, well-liked Democratic former president. Clearly, you feel it is necessary to discredit and defame former President Barack Obama because he is doing his job as a leader in the Democratic Party to support the election of a Democratic Party nominee, so that said Nominee has a better chance to achieve his goals and be chosen to serve as our new president in 2021.

Obviously, it has not occurred to you, Ms. Martinchek, that the American People are already finished with listening to the lies of our corrupt and incompetent President. You are, apparently, willing to throw cow puckies at our previous President in an attempt to dissuade our inclination to vote for Joe Biden (or any agreeable candidate) to remove Donald Trump. I’m sorry you are feeling threatened, Mis Martinchek, but it’s time to face the facts, and the truth. Frankly, nothing that our Democratic Nominee has done in his past can hold a candle to the lies and the corruption, and worst of all, the blatant incompetency of Donald Trump.

We are all dealing with a pandemic here, and Donald Trump had the indecency to recommend a poisonous medication for us to use to cure our Corona Virus disease! The same medication that an elderly couple took, on the basis of Donald Trump’s recommendation (in which he named the drug, so they could find it in their house) and one of them has died, as a result, shortly thereafter, and his wife is now in Intensive Care at the hospital. THIS is what your Chief Executive, our president, caused to happen because he thinks he can bandy about the names of drugs he knows nothing about, and did not bother to get any information from Dr. Fauci. Of course, we all know that Mr. Trump is persecuting Dr. Fauci now for making the sound and reasonable recommendations he made to our people — but which Donald Trump knew nothing about! All this, while he has failed to deal with the issues of the pandemic in any useful or appropriate way. Another indication of his incompetence as a leader.

Please refrain from making anymore deleterious and useless remarks about Barack Obama in the service of your deplorable chief executive! You are not helping anyone with your comments!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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