I am a liberal and a moderate much of the time, so I tend to vote for the Democratic Party candidate, mostly, but not always. In Donald Trump’s case, however, I would never vote for him. (And yes, I know he is the Republican Party’s lapdog.) He’s dangerous because of his lack of political experience, and his mental infirmity. His narcissistic personality disorder makes him profoundly unpredictable. He’s an incredibly arrogant boor, and he lies constantly. He doesn’t know half what he needs to know to serve in the leadership role that he has unfortunately been awarded. Like you, I am deeply concerned about what kind of damage Donald Trump will do if he is re-elected in November. He is capable of anything, because he is an authoritarian. He feels he has the “right” to do whatever he wants — and he has stated that directly in an interview (it was appalling to hear him) because he said the Constitution says he can do “whatever he wants to do”! That is NOT what the Constitution says, frankly, but Donald Trump never reads anything that he can avoid reading. He would rather get his information from hearsay by those close to him. This man should absolutely NOT be re-elected! He’s a tyrant waiting for the flag to be dropped so he can begin making authoritarian proclamations that will rob us all of our democratic rights (like free speech, for a starter).

Other nations are sliding into despotism and under the iron fist of despots. It could happen here to America. I don’t want to see that happen under Trump’s rule. The man is crazy.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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