I am the widow of a Semitic Jew - my husband and both his parents were 100% Hebrews and they were descended from a family of Israeli Jews.

My husband, although he was Hebrew, did not make any kind of issue of that -- we met in Los Angeles when I was 20 and he was 19. I'd never met a "Jew" before -- all I had to color my perceptions was some negative comments by my German grandmother to go on. I didn't like the idea that a person could be labeled as a "bad person" simply because he/she was a member of an ethnic group--but I was particularly disturbed by my grandmother's anti-Jewish resentment, because her resentment was grounded in the propaganda from Germany. Her parents were German immigrants in the USA. I decided that my Hebrew boyfriend was not the Jew who crucified Jesus -- and besides, I learned that it was the Romans who were crucifying the Jews! (And the Romans were... ?? Italians!)

I decided that Hitler's horrendous mistreatment and persecution of the German Jews was clearly because he was, frankly, crazy. He wanted to become the King of Germany--and he was willing to cause a major war to get his way. Hitler was crazy, and evil, and what he did was wrong.

Even now we've got all kinds of people in this world willing to assassinate, torture or discriminate against other people because of their skin color, or their historical background. It's wrong, and it's crazy.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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