I fear for the future of our constitutionally mandated United States of America - we have a mentally disordered, deeply narcissistic man at the helm of our nation - and he is convinced that if he can just keep defying the will of The People, and our Constitution, he can hang on to become "King of America"! I'm amazed that there are SO MANY Americans who have not taken any lessons from their High School History books--people who have not paid any attention to the international news about the way Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini of Italy turned their countries into fascist dictatorships, and robbed their people of their freedoms of Speech, their freedom to Assemble, their freedom to Say No to Fascism!

Donald Trump absolutely must be removed from the White House if he does not willingly choose to accept the outcome of our November 3rd Vote! He must be removed by the Secret Service or a military contingent -- We have had our election, the votes are being verified, there was no collusion and no evidence of faulty voting. Trump must GO, and we all must recognize that our Democracy and our Freedoms will only last as long as we abide by the rules for our election of a SANE, and SENSIBLE, and MORAL president who abides by the Will of the People. This whole fiasco must end, and it must end NOW!

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