I have a suggestion for what our president could do--what a nation's leader generally does when there is need of leadership -- he could go on television, several times at different times of the day (so that everybody who has access to a TV can see him), and also on public radio (for those who don't have a TV ... yeah, there are some of us)....

And then Donald Trump could talk to us -- give us a Mandate -- to Wear our Masks, and to get a medical review/assessment, and treatment for our virus. He could do this more than once -- off and on for a week. Then he could ask the folks in the Medical Profession to provide him feedback on the number of patients who are showing up for diagnosis and treatment, as a followup to the president's encouragement talks on TV and Radio.

Then he could adjust his presentations to the public accordingly. If it appears not enough people are responding to his TV/Radio talks, he can do that some more, and he could put some "umph" in his talks--a warning that people who do not comply could be dealt with by Law Enforcement.

He could request Congress to pass legislation to make it a punishable act of negligence if people with symptoms fail to seek medical treatment. He could establish a monetary fine of ... oh... $500 or something, for failure to get medical diagnosis and treatment for the Coronavirus.

Our president could take an interest in our well-being and our national health--he can use his Executive Mandate to demand our compliance with the medical initiatives.

He really doesn't have to spend his time out on the dang golf links swinging his clubs at balls, while ignoring the plight of the American People.

That's what Donald Trump could do! Yes?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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