I have an off-the-grid observation to share about this mental/linguistic phenomenon.

I have just finished reading a review of how human cells retain memory and share information among each other, and I was surprised to learn how much self-organizing and information sharing occurs at the cellular level. As I was reading this information alongside my review of Martha Stout, Ph.D., review of Sociopathic behavior, and it's effects on the culture of individuals in contact with a person with this very disturbing psychological & personality disorder, I was surprised at how complex our psychological choices and behaviors can be, and how much damage we can cause among our family and friends. Dealing with an extremely intelligent young child can be very difficult, especially if he is mentally disturbed and very manipulative. (And children who are sociopathic or psychopathic are manipulative, and can be dangerous, from a very early age.) The mental disorder manifests very early in life, by the age of 3, or earlier--but is not something a parent can recognize at that age, ordinarily.

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