I have been reading up on the extent of the proliferation of the corona-virus in the USA and in the world… how many people are sick with it in the USA, how many people in the USA have died from it, how many people in the world have become infected, how many have died elsewhere in the world, and how many countries have become infected.

For starters, there have now been six (6) deaths in the USA from corona-avirus. All 6 of those deaths occurred in Washington state, where I live.

There are 90,000+ people in the world now infected with the disease, and it has proliferated to a number of countries. I didn’t count that list, but all this information is available on the Internet. You can check it.

The worst bit of information about the corona-virus is it’s virility…and how it’s transmitted. It’s quite virile…and it can be caught simply by walking through a room where somebody who has it has been .. not necessarily somebody actively in the room.

In other words… it’s transmissible directly through the air. This is a true Pandemic…similar in some respects to the Black Plague of the 12th Century (or whenever that was .. the Bubonic Plague).

This plague is a mutated “cold virus”….and everybody is susceptible to cold viruses! It can be picked up from surfaces like tables and chairs.

The number of deaths is escallating like crazy…and while our national Health Department folks won’t admit that it is IS a Pandemic… plenty of other folks who can get on national media… like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, etc.. are labeling it that way.

But again — the worst aspect of this virus is that it does not require direct contact with mucus or human skin. It may not live for a long period on surfaces, but it can be transmitted and caught through the air. This is NO minor cold virus! A vaccine has not yet been developed and it could be several months before one become available.. then it must be manufactured in quantities to vaccinate everyone. Meanwhile, the body counts are rising!

Look this up on the Internet. And say your prayers! (People over the age of 60 are most vulnerable and susceptible — highest mortality rates.

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