I liked Barack Obama. I still like him! I like his wife! He was a good man, and his wife is a good woman. I care about his ethnicity — but only because he was able to gain the White House, and open the way for future talented Americans of color!

I really can’t bring myself to care that he wasn’t the “Perfect” President — he was, in fact, the president this country needed, and still needs, a man of principles and integrity, high intelligence and wit, and a man of God — a man with virtues that God would appreciate. Among those virtues is honesty, and loyalty, and respect for his wife! Yes, I would vote for Barack Obama again, in a minute! Would that we could have him, or another like him in November…we certainly will NOT have a man like him, if we put our dishonest “make-believe” chief executive on the throne…so that he can destroy our democracy and our nation!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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