I noted here that you have shared your disdain and obvious dislike of our president Joe Biden in this opinion piece. I've seen others "damn with faint praise" those they don't like and do not respect, but your comments here are among the most acerbic.

You're correct in your assessment that Donald Trump loves no one but himself. He's a flaming narcissist. That is not simply a personality disorder identified in the psychiatric "bible" that we all seem to have a reference copy of in our libraries. It's a real and menacing psychological disorder that so many of us struggle with.

For the Republican Party to be tricked into appointing a man with this psychological disorder... to use their political machinery to put, essentially, a madman in the White House is a frightening realization.

Madmen have led nations in the past. Roman Emperors have been mad. Adolf Hitler and (possibly) Benito Mussolini were mentally disordered. Hitler set off a conflagration that could have destroyed our world.

Heaven only knows what Donald Trump could have accomplished if he had another term in office to wreak destruction!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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