I see you -- a Republican with a vendetta against Democrats. You can't abide the possibility that a Liberal Congress might take control of the helm. It would never occur to you that taking care of the needs of our people, the needs of our suffering minorities, the needs of our environment and the needs of our children is the real purpose of having representatives in our Congress.

It would never occur to you that prevention of a civil war between those few of us who have all the resources and all the means to buy all the guns that money can buy, and all the rest of us who are living on the crumbs that the wealthy might throw at us -- that prevention of such a conflict might be a more prudent way to deal with the disparities in our relative resources and the destruction of our environment and our social systems.

No-one is above the law of Change -- no arrogant political regime that assumes it can hold the reigns of power in perpetuity can hold all the power in perpetuity. That is an arrogant dream.

All things change over time. Rome fell, Egypt fell, the South lost it's grip and the slave trade was outlawed. It is Time For A Change in our American System, Mr. Mars. Either a peaceful change facilitated by our Democratic system of Election and Votes, or a bloody rebellion with property destruction and assassinations.

Whatever it takes, Change is necessary, and it's Time!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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