I think it’s time we call a spade a spade here. The Republicans in our midst are engaged in a smear campaign against the Democratic Party because they want the opposition thoroughly discredited and thence ignored and rediculed. But ultimately, the Democratic Party is not taking an exit, nor are the party’s members likely to make concessions or apologies for our behaviors, or the choices we make.

Ultimately, the Republican Party must come to grips with the fact that our political history is filled with acrimony and struggle, and ultimately, we the People swing back and forth between our conservative and our liberal stances, because we are a people of diverse goals and interests, diverse political and emotional stances. We are NOT an authoritarian dictatorship — a Banana Republic travesty. Generally, we do not like dealing with despots in the White House, and thus all the resistance and the emotional clamor when an authoritarian tyrant occupies the White House. The current occupant has done more than his share whipping the House Representatives into submission, and he makes every effort to impose his ill-thought out, dysfunctional will there, and on the people of these United States.

The natural swing of our bipolar political stance makes it possible for the majority of us to tolerate living in a nation that cannot become the political ideal of a single party, because We the People won’t put up with that kind of oppressive reactionary behavior indefinitely. We force our president and our congressional representatives out of their seats, and out of our Congress every four (to eight) years, because we need a breathe of fresh air, and differing political solutions to the problems of governance.

Therefore, if the fools who are currently in control of our Congress and our White House continue to sneer and smear, and if We the People continue to denigrate the Democratic party, then those of us who are Republicans should not whine or cry too much when the petty Dictator who (by virtue of his chosen label as a Republican), and his cronies, are ousted from office in November, and are replaced by the Democrats that are now moving to clean out the riff-raff on The Hill, and fix what the Republicans have broken. Wouldn’t you agree?

We have eight months more to wait… about the same amount of time as the gestation of an embryo to birth. Childbirth is a painful experience. Ask any woman who has suffered through it. So there will be some pain, some lamentation, and then a great sigh of relief when it’s over. This happens every four to eight years. And the incumbents always scream that they will not go. They resist. They complain. And some of them lie about the opposition, making up foul stories about the corruption of the opposition party.

We who are not Republicans are enduring this deplorable behavior by our political opponents for now, but we will remember how we have been treated throughout this regrettable Republican administration. They say “Payback’s a bitch!” What do you think?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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