I think you have a strong point here, Eric. Yeah, Joe needs to keep pointing out how Trump foments violence in the streets whenever he can, and then blames it on Joe. Trump's a very bad man. And he's also a frightened man - he can see that Joe Biden is likeable, not angry all the time (Trump is in a perpetual state of Rage...mostly because he's lost control of the White House, and he's afraid that his time is running out, I think.) The confrontation between Trump and Mr. Biden will get worse leading up to November 3rd.

We are only about 50 days away from Election Day. Are your nerves becoming frayed? Mine sure are! I can't wait until November 3rd, so I can vote for Joe Biden, and then let out a long breathe. I SO want to see Joe win this Election.

I can't take another four years of that narcissistic Tyrant in the White House. He's such a Menace!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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