I viewed last night's debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and moderated by Chris Wallace (ineffectively in the first half) (better after even HE couldn't put up, anymore, with Trump's total lack of proper respect and decorum, and his STUPID, ASININE and OBNOXIOUS constant interference over the top of every word that Biden tried to utter -- drowning Biden out so he couldn't even think straight-- by blathering on and on saying nothing of any significance or value.

I was able to watch the entire debate twice, which made it possible for me to learn "Something" about what was being conveyed--and eventually, Chris Wallace took some control of the uproar and forced the president to stop talking over the top of Joe Biden, like a high school bully in a classroom debate.

I was wishing that I could shoot Trump right through the TV screen halfway thru the debate.

In his defense, Joe Biden held onto his sense of humor with both hands, kept a civil tone in his responses, and did not shout back (which was surely what Trump was trying to make him do). Gods, was a dreadful excuse for a national debate that was last night! But Joe performed admirably well, and Trump performed as we all would have expected him to do--like a complete cretin, and a total ass.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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