I was raised a Catholic -- but then I went to college... I completed my education with three degrees (M.A. in Human Resource Management, University of Connecticut at Storrs, B.S. in Business Admin, and an A.A. in Public Relations Journalism) -- and also pursued a thread on Religious Studies. I wanted to know why so many Americans were obsessed with Fundamentalist Christian doctrine.

I feel that Fundamentalist Christian doctrine promotes the sociological dictate that Men are the Leaders and that women should honor and obey their husbands, because that's what God wants the Christian family to do.

Unfortunately, this sociological justification for oppression of women flies in the face of the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) -- Jesus' singular, most profound lesson for his followers (all of whom were men except for Mary Magdalene) was that we love one another. He had a lot to say about that love, too.

In any case, Donald Trump does not personify the Christian ideal of Loving Leadership and Christian principle. Donald Trump personifies self-aggrandizement, authoritarian control, and egregious prevarication (dishonesty). He flouts all the principle virtues of Christianity: humility, faith in the Lord (and the People), sacrifice and hope for humankind. Donald Trump is not a Christian in the way that Yeshua would see him as a faithful servant. Christians must be very disappointed in him.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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