I'm a 73 year old Progressive (I've always voted with the Democrats).... Sorry, I don't agree with your assessment regarding Democrats. I've seen a lot of damage done by Republican politicians over the years.... The Republican Party is corrupt...and those in leadership positions in the GOP have no use for all the rest of us. I managed to get an M.A. in Adult Education, and a B.S. in Human Resource Mgmt - Business.. and a Journalism A.S. -- but I never managed to rise to the level of power and executive privilege of others in my Class. I know what poverty is, and what conservative values are. They don't include "We the People" ...

The Republican Party is the Party of the Elites... the Top Five Percent... and they don't give a Tinker's Damn about the rest of us. The Democratic Party doesn't threaten free speech ... the Republican Party threatens the social welfare and the well-being of all the rest of us on a regular basis.

Those who rise to the level of the Top Five Percent economically call all the shots ...and they don't care if the rest of us have a job, or a home of our own, or food and medicine to survive.

Little "social welfare" stunts to save the children's Dr. Seuss books for our perpetuity is a great little "social welfare" tactic ... a way to clean up their image while they are refusing to fund social welfare, refusing to fund badly needed infrastructure repairs, refusing to find ways to keep Americans employed so we can buy food, medicines and pay for our mortgages.

Why are there so many Americans who are homeless, jobless, sick and dying? We've had a Republican Congress under Trump and his administration, a Jackass Dictator in the White House. Dr. Seuss books won't put food on the table, or keep the large majority of us warm and dry in a decent home. No Job Equals No Food, No Medicine, nothing.

Homelessness, misery, suffering.

I'm not impressed by your assertion that the Democratic Party is at fault for all the misery in our country today. Trump was president for 4 years -- and he was the most dishonest president we've ever had, and the laziest, and frankly, the most ignorant.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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