I'm a Catholic (since birth) -- but I've never been able to commit to the selfish belief that having as many children as you want (dozens even) is either morally indefensible and lacks compassion. Our world is a living being -- all the systems, all the life forms, everything in our world depends on the total living ecosystem to survive (and hopefully to flourish). I feel that people who choose to have more than 2 children that can replace themselves are committing a moral injustice to the life of all the other species, including ours, on our living world. (Pardon me for lecturing on that topic, of all topics - Ye Gods! I think that, perhaps, I'm harboring a semi-conscious judgment against the Trump Follower you spoke with. Ahmmm...) All that aside, I still hold to most of the teachings of my Church.

I really appreciate your perspective in your conversations with the Trump Followers. Like them, I haven't thought through all the issues we are facing with Administration and this president, but I surely believe that he is both ignorant and a threat to our people and our place in this world. You are correct, in your assertion that America is no longer welcome in the world. Trump has dragged our democracy down in the sewer, and I hope, desperately perhaps, that Joe Biden wins the Election in November.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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